MUJIL is a luxury fashionable handcrafted leather bag brand with one extraordinary difference in the perfect fusion of traditional Thai textiles. Our brand represents confidence, a dauntless, dressy, and charming lady with a luxurious sleek style with her own distinctiveness.

The MUJIL is a sustainable handmade leather bag brand originally from Bangkok, Thailand. MUJIL’s inspiration is “My Unique Just Initiative Local”. We explore heritage Thai textiles into modern lifestyle handbags. Because we believe that there are many local cultures waiting for us to discover.

Thai silk has a long and rich history, dating back to ancient times when it was used for ceremonial purposes by Thai royalty and nobility. Today, Thai silk remains an important part of Thai culture and is used to create a wide variety of products, including MUJIL handcrafted bags. We bring luxurious Thai fabric closer to urban life, everyday use bags. MUJIL is our little gift for women who dare to be different in the 21st century.

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Our Craftsmanship

We applaud traditional craftsmanship. Each handwoven Thai silk pattern arrangement cannot be produced twice. Comparable to paintings that make the products of art particular with their own extraordinary pattern, a collecting piece that can only be produced at a limited amount.
Furthermore, we also support community benefits. As, the local artisans carry on Thai’s time-honored tradition of weaving, which is a disappearing trade. By working directly with local craftspeople, MUJIL keeps Thai heritage and culture alive through comfort and luxury design handbags.
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We make exclusive products that help you create art every day

Experience the beauty of handcrafted elegance with MUJIL exclusive collections. Each piece is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, using only the finest materials. The perfect combination of authentic leather with traditional hand-woven Thai silk fabric. As your handbag says a lot about you. Treat yourself to a piece of true luxury, unique, and make a statement wherever you go.

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Discover the latest news and exclusive articles like MUJIL fashion campaigns, trends alerts, collections, art & culture, press & events, our interesting stories, and more here at World of MUJIL.

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“MUJIL handcrafted bags are our little gift to the world for the 21st century, designed for smart women who looking for luxury, elegance, functionality, and well-being.”

– Gulyarat V.

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MUJIL is unique in every step and detail. Our MUJIL handcrafted bags are an essential valued accessory for a woman. It is not only about owning any bag, having an exquisite designer bag is also on another level. Therefore, every piece of MUJIL is unique at every step, in every detail.

As our slogan “Be Unique Be Yourself”

The Story Behind

It takes time to find and move into one’s place that is fit for your preference. Similarly way, a climber moves position to find the best view on the peak, also a photographer change location to get the best photo shoot, even travelers always change the destination to experience its excellent flavors.

Likewise, an ordinary woman, Gulyarat Vichai, a founder of MUJIL, has expertise in accounting despite enjoying her career, On the other hand, she is passionate about Thai fabric, and she has always dreamed of leaving her footprint in the world of fashion. So, she starts to learn about it seriously and change herself into a fashion handbag designer. Therefore, she launched MUJIL for those who appreciate the luxury of traditional hand-craftsmanship yet also desire bold modern aesthetic bags.

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Founder Talk

“I have had opportunities to travel extensively throughout the country and I have passionate about the unique beauty pattern of Thai textile craftsmanship which is passed down through generations for centuries.

In order to honor the art of Thai heritage textiles, I would like to preserve the ancient fabric in urban life. Thus, I design a luxury and timeless bag collection for a feminine style-setter who appreciates the luxury of traditional hand craftsmanship yet also desires a bold modern aesthetic. I feel very pleased that you are interested in it and hope it will be perfect for your 24-hour tasty looks.”

– Gulyarat V. Founder & Creative Director
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Handmade bags from Thai silk textiles and genuine leather are designed by MUJIL handcrafted bags brand, in Bangkok, Thailand based. Our collections are inspired by the world around us. We explore local materials in modern lifestyle urban bags because there are many cultures to discover. Moreover online store in, we also have physical stores in Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, Luxembourg, UAE, Jordan, Morocco, and Australia. We are currently expanding our branch in America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Our high-quality unique designer handbags were trusted by customers around the world. Enjoy shopping for your new handbags with us!