Thai Silk International Fashion Week 2022

Thai Silk International Fashion Week 2022 press and events

As Thai silk is part of Thai culture, tradition, and heritage and now it is also a symbol of harmony and a form of diplomacy. The Thai Silk International Fashion Week 2022 event was organized by The Office of the Permanent Secretary, the Prime Minister’s Office, together with the Association for the Promotion of Thai Silk and Culture by The Support Foundation of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand to promote Thai silk soft power. This event is scheduled for December 7th-12th, 2022 at Royal Paragon Hall in Bangkok Thailand.

There is the premier event for showcasing the latest trends and designs in Thai silk fashion. This year’s event is bigger and better than ever, bringing together top designers, models, and fashion industry insiders from around the world. This event includes runway shows, exhibitions, and presentations featuring the latest in Thai silk fashion.

From the latest runway shows to exciting exhibitions and presentations, Thai Silk International Fashion Week 2022 offers a unique opportunity to see the very best in Thai silk fashion. With a focus on high quality, craftsmanship, and sustainable fashion industry. It aims to promote Thai silk as a premium fashion material, both domestically and internationally. This event is an opportunity for Thai silk to be recognized and appreciated for its unique and beautiful qualities, and for the industry to continue to grow and evolve.

International Fashion Designers

This year, we welcome national costume-inspired Thai Silk outfits designed and tailored by fashion designers from 60 countries. In this event, we get to see Thai Silk outfits manifesting cultures from all over the world, a truly Thai Silk culture extravaganza at the world-class level. Here is the fashion show from participating international designers that we like most. Thank you for a captured photograph from the Thai Silk International Fashion Week official website.

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Korea Bahrain Belgium France Germany Japan Kuwait

The Republic of Korea Designer

On the last December 9, MUJIL’s creative and production team joined this show. It is a celebration of Thai silk and its impact on the fashion world, and it provides a glimpse into the future of this fascinating and timeless industry. The highlight for today is the show of the famous Korean designer, Danha Kim. She is a degree as a costume designer for BLACKPINK, a well-known girl group singer from Korea. Their famous song is “How You Like That ”. Let’s take a look at the captured atmosphere. We hope you appreciate the silk fashion designer clothes in a chic way!

Fashion show Thai silk by international designer

Moreover, there are many other participating international designers who showed their design outfits in Thai silk on the fashion runway for the whole week, December 7th-12th, 2022. We collect the highlight of this event below.

Bahrain Designer

The inspiration behind Fatima Al Samahiji, the Bahrain designer, is “Thobe Al Nashel”. It is an extravagant Bahraini traditional costume that women wear at weddings and big celebrations

Thai silk costume by Bahrain designer

Belgium Designer

For the Belgian National Costume from Julie Menuge, Belgium Designer. Her inspiration comes from a recolored postcard, made of photography of a Belgian coal miner in the early twentieth century. This woman was supposed to be a refugee in the south of Belgium, a young country created in 1830, a land of coal mines also called “Pays Noir” (“the dark country”). She is dressed for work, with trousers, a shawl tucked into her belt, and her hair is covered. She presents Belgium to her, as a woman, as a worker, and as a citizen who has contributed to the wealth of the country.

Thai silk outfits designed in Belgium style

France Designer

France designer participant is Tata Christiane. Her concept is a traditional look will be inspired by the traditional Provencal dress of the south of France. Because she is originally from Marseille in Provence.

Thai silk outfits by France designer

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Germany Designer

The designer representing Germany is Mareike Schaefer. The design of the traditional look is inspired by the components of what Germany stands for Society’s zeitgeist, innovation, and progress. The opportunity to realize a look for the “International Thai Silk Fashion Week” which combines German tributes and Thailand’s cultural asset silk.

Fashion show Thai silk designed by Germany designer

Japan Designer

Hiromi Shimazu, Japan designer creates a collection inspired by long flowing sleeves and tied ribbon decoration from Kimono. It is a combination of the beautiful feathers of the Kimono and the simplicity of the costume of Miko, a female attendant of the Shrine. Pink color is the most favored color of Japanese women for its femininity.

Pink Kimono from Thai silk

Kuwait Designer

Montaha Alajeel presents a traditional Kuwaiti outfit of Thai silk with a modern touch. This traditional costume reflects Montaha’s style, which is characterized by independence and a unique identity in the art of design. Kuwaiti women are keen to wear this costume in the month of Ramandan every year.

Kuwait outfit from Thai silk

Morocco Designer

For the Thai silk international fashion week Said Mahrouf, a Morocco designer explores the similarities in the approach of the use of color in the Thai silks and the use of color in traditional Moroccan caftans and showcases Moroccan craftsmanship.

Morocco craftsmanship designed with Thai silk costumes

The Netherlands Designer

This collection from Saskia Ter Welle, the Netherlands designer, is meant to express a feeling of happiness and strength, and hope. One of the most important elements to bring this feeling to life is the carnation. With its wide variety of colors, carnations give a sense of cheerfulness.

Thai silk costume inspired by Carnation from Dutch designer

Poland Designer

Hektor Switalski and Robert Karger are two participants of Poland designer who join in this event. The “Purple Queens” collection is a one-of-a-kind tribute to outstanding Polish women. Especially inspired by significant and enterprising names from both the past and present, including 16th century Queen Bona Sfortia & renowned patron of Polish contemporary art Mrs. Grazyna Kulczyk. These are both leading women of their era in terms of contribution to their country. Their national costume emphasizes the sophistication of the monarch’s splendor combined with modern-day fashion.

Purple queen collection Thai silk dress Poland designer

Portugal Designer

Inspired by costumes from the north to south of Portugal. There are many sources of inspiration, so choosing just one would not be enough to represent this culture. From the shawls around the head by the Fadistas, the use of gold is so typical of Portuguese folklore, such as seven typical Nazarene skirts and even the embroidered scarves of lovers. These are some of the inspirations combined with contemporary elements, and characteristics of the brand, that led me to the creation of this outfit, Silvia Rocha, Portugal designer.

Portugal designer Thai silk fashion outfits

Romania Designer

Beyond the representations of the signs, and symbols of traditional costumes we have the opportunity to discover the shape borrowed from the decorative background of the primordial creation. A work of art exists within the raw material; it only takes inspiration, conviction, and dedication to bring it to light. The Thai silk outfits fashion runway show was designed by Alina Gurguta, the Romanian designer.

Thai silk blue dress by Romanian designers

Spain Designer

The designer representing Spain is Tania Presa Buck. Her fashion show outfit is inspired by her regional dress Flamenco. They were strong women with character and also very feminine.

Thai silk fashion in Spain costume

United Kingdom Designer

By combining traditional Thai silk textiles with European men’s wear forms, the clothing was designed to represent how the two worlds intersect. The process of tying a knot was symbolic of the union of the father and mother in the traditional sense. On the other hand, they were based on the tales Jasper Chadprajong Smith, a United Kingdom designer, grew up hearing and Thai mythology.

Thai silk dress for men designed by United Kingdom designer


This article shows you a highlight of Thai Silk International Fashion Week 2022. It is an annual event that takes place in Bangkok, Thailand. Where you can explore the showcases of the beauty and versatility of Thai silk, highlighting the creativity and skills of local designers and artisans. This year have participation international designers from over 60 countries are on the runway. Here are some fashion shows if you would like to see all event photos from other designers such as Australia, Austria, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and others countries, please follow more at the Thai Silk International Fashion Week official website.

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