How to Care Leather Bag?

Care leather bag guide how to tips for any lifestyle

Let’s care leather bag! There are care guides, recommendations, and instructions to maintain your MUJIL handcrafted bags. Our primary materials are calfskin, lambskin, cow, and crocodile leather which are strong durable, and high-quality. Decorated with premium handcrafted Thai textiles. MUJIL leather handbags require an occasional treatment, likewise any leather product.

Leather Care

MUJIL handbags are natural skin elements, you need to take care of them like human skin. Likewise, they need a bath, cleaning, and careful care to make them shine as new for long their lifetime usage.

Here are tricks to maintaining and caring for each kind of leather:

Calf Leather

Calfskin leather is known for its high resistance and stickiness. The textures of calfskin leather are soft and smooth. So, you need to be careful with sunlight and avoid storing calf leather direct under daylight or heat. Moreover, clean it with a soft brush or cloth, and you can apply a leather conditioner to retain moisture on calf leather.

Suede Lambskin

Lambskin is very luxurious and soft. That is to say, it is considered the finest leather. The surface of suede lambskin leather can be quite delicate, so it is more difficult to maintain. We suggest cleaning suede lambskin with a soft fabric and slowly wiping the stain out. Please note that, don’t scrub it and don’t use any liquids or water to clean it. Furthermore, we recommend avoiding dark denim or other dark cloth to clean light-colored skin since the color from those dark fabrics can be easily transferred into lambskin leather. Likewise, for calf leather, we advise you not to store suede lambskin leather under sunray directly and heat.

Crocodile Leather

While crocodile leather may be very beautiful and feel luxurious to look at, another hand, crocodile leather is also delicate like other kinds of leather that require delicate leather care to stay in shape. The crocodile leather is not waterproof, you need to make it dry quickly by using the white surface if it is excessively wet, clean it up with a cloth until most of the moisture is gone. We recommend you keep it in an indoor location away from sunlight and direct heat.

“In general, any dust, or spot stain can be wiped gently with a soft dry fabric or damp light-colored cloth, then dried immediately. Anyway, you can use your finger to wipe any stain spot. It is an easy way to the care of your bags.”

care leather bag guide

Thai fabric care

Furthermore, as above authentic leather that is exclusive, MUJIL also reflexes a luxurious style that makes your personal unique gorgeous style with a sleek pattern and silky Thai textile. Handcrafted and woven by original Thai artisans requires a special treat to make it shine brilliantly.

To care for your MUJIL handbags, follow these special steps:

  • Apply waterproof spray to protect the silk purse from pollution.
  • Avoid sunray and heat to prevent discoloration
  • When silk totes are wet, they require immediate attention to avoid permanent water stains.
  • For stains or dirt, use a dry and clean garment to wipe them from the surface gently.
  • In case of the stain persists, liquid hand soap is recommended for gently dabbing the stain in the silk surface area.

General Attention

The finite leather and premium Thai fabric usually have approximately 5-10 years of a lifetime depending on usage, care, and maintenance.

To ensure their longevity, we recommend the following:

  • Keep your bags away from direct heat and sunlight
  • Keep your bags dry from the excessive water and rain.
  • Avoid any contact with perfumes, solvents, make-up, chemical, and alcohol.
  • Avoid contact with coarse or abrasive materials to protect leather bags from scratches.
  • Clean your leather handbags with a light-colored damp soft cloth, using circular motions to revive the leather’s silky appearance and brilliance. Another tip is to spot clean as needed with a dry soft textile.
  • Take specific care of light-colored bags, do not let them soiled as they are more difficult to clean.
  • Rub your finger over the area of any marking to minimize them, until the natural oils in your skin condition the leather.
  • Do not use any leather cleaner or chemist conditioner directly on skin leather because it will stain the leather surface.

Before delivering leather bags to our valued customers, every piece of MUJIL handbag applied 2 types of leather care protection which are lotion wiped clean and moisturizer to nourish the skin. But as we said, leather skins are like human skins which need a bath and lotion. Then, MUJIL recommend an easy way to care for the leather bag by wiping them with a damp soft cloth every 2-3 weeks to ensure your leather handbags stay as good as new and to preserve your leather and silk texture, keeping them looking supple.

Tips & Ticks to care leather bag

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Storage Tips

Please recognize that leather is a spontaneous nature material. If not in use, to care a leather bag you should store your bags in a breathable bag, or dust bag, that was provided in the packaging when you purchased MUJIL handbags. However, avoid storing them in plastic bags, to protect against the expansion of bacteria.

We suggest you store your bags upright in their velvet cases and stuff the items with tissue paper or soft fabric to preserve the bag’s shape correctly. Moreover, please make sure not to rest anything on the top of leather handbags, and not let them fold on themselves unnecessarily, to prevent creases or scratches from forming in your leather over time. Last, we recommend you store leather away from light, humidity, and heat, you need to keep them always in an indoor, cool, and dry place.


In conclusion, different kinds of leather are specific characteristics to care leather bags. But, mainly instruction, we would advise against the use of any cleaning products exist solvents that will affect the leather surface, and keep away from direct heat and daylight to prevent pallidly. Moreover, cleaning your bag with a damp soft cloth, or with your finger is the easiest way. We hope this blog is useful for you, let’s start to care about leather bags, get them always new with you for a long time usage.

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