Winter Bag Collection 2023/2024

Winter Bag Collection 2023 2024


“The world around us” is a concept that inspires the MUJIL bag collection, winter 2023/2024. In order to glory the legacy of the Thai textile, so we create a bag collection for a feminine who appreciates the luxury of traditional craftsmanship and desires a bold modern aesthetic. Our winter bag collection features a stunning range of handcrafted bags made by skilled artisans using traditional techniques and high-quality materials.

Each bag in our collection is a unique work of art, with its own character, charm, and story. This winter collection includes a variety of styles and designs to suit any occasion and personal style. From elegant totes and chic shoulder bags to stylish clutches and practical crossbody bags, we have something for everyone. Our bags are made from the finest of leather, including premium Thai silk, and other high-quality gold hardware.


One of the standout features of our handcrafted bag collection is the attention to detail and the craftsmanship that goes into each bag. Our artisans use traditional techniques to craft each bag by hand, ensuring that every stitch and detail is carefully considered and executed to perfection. The result is a bag that is not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting. In addition to their exceptional quality, our handcrafted bags also reflect the rich history and culture of the regions in which they are made.

Many of our bags incorporate traditional patterns and designs, reflecting the local heritage and craftsmanship of their respective regions. By purchasing one of our handcrafted bags, you are not only investing in a beautiful and practical accessory but also supporting the preservation of these traditional arts and crafts.

Luxurious Thai Fabric

Thai silk is a luxurious fabric that is renowned for its beauty, quality, and cultural significance. The fabric is made from the fibers of the Thai silkworm, which are carefully cultivated and harvested by skilled artisans. Thai silk is known for its rich texture, soft sheen, and vibrant colors, which are achieved through a combination of traditional weaving techniques and natural dyes.

One of the unique characteristics of Thai silk is the way in which it reflects light, creating a luminous effect that is both subtle and striking. This effect is achieved through the use of a special weaving technique that produces a surface that appears to shimmer and change color depending on the angle of the light.

Thai silk is also known for its durability and versatility, making it a popular choice for a wide variety of applications. MIJIL handcrafted bag collection design Thai silk for everyday use handbag for women. Whether you are looking for a luxurious evening bag, a dressy clutch, or a stylish tote, Thai silk is sure to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your wardrobe distinctive.

The video presents the Journey of MUJIL handcrafted bags from luxurious Thai silk fabric to unique design fashion handbags. Watch this video on YouTube.

The Mellow Bag

Imagine you are in the shopping center on weekend. Plentiful of people, but one eye-catching item is The Mellow bag which makes you dominant.

The Mellow bag was inspired by a crafted paper shopping bag, drawn toward modern design merged with fine leather and Thai textile. The Mellow represents the beautiful convergence of ordinary shopping bags and a new design unique aesthetically.


The Azalea Bag

Azalea is a flower symbolic of wealth elegance, alluring, and classic.

The Azalea bag is a miniature handbag imbued with nostalgia, showcasing superb craftsmanship and luxurious materials. Vintage vibes meet a modern aesthetic, thanks to chic feminine details. The Azalea delivers serious chic to your days and evenings.


The Magazine Bag

The Magazine bag executes both the intellectual and fashion-forward lifestyles of modern women.
Practical in use, the piece adds a classic touch to your elegant presence with a timeless design that reintroduced a perfect match of leather and Thai textile. It honors simplicity while staying loyal to the brand’s aesthetics.

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The Plaza Bag

The Plaza bag is a go-to handbag for every occasion – stylish, laid-back, and versatile.

A classic craft shopping bag inspires the Plaza bag. Its concept is likewise the Mellow bag. This model is an extension designed for the Mellow bag, but the Plaza is bigger in size. Moreover, its handle is large enough to wear on your arm.


The Missy Bag

The Missy bag was inspired by smart, confident, and euphemistic women.

The size of this model is enough for an iPad. Inside the bag was divided into two parts you can put your paperwork on one side and your daily used gadget on another side. The Missy is the perfect bag for working women whether going to the office or having a special dinner trust this companion will make you elegant.

The Ballerina Bag

The image of a ballerina is a fluent, graceful, and compact body like the Ballerina bag.

The mini box purse perfectly merges a pattern of Thai textile printed on silky cow leather. The pastel is the main shade of the Ballerina bag making its characteristic lovely and euphemistic.


The Envelope Bag

The Envelope mini bag was inspired by the envelope of a love letter which is the first love confession letter from a man to the woman who he fell in love with.

This model melds bohemian chic with a luxe modern aesthetic. Whether the Envelope bag is mini, it is large enough to fit your daily necessities like mobile phone, wallet, key, and beauty essentials.



MUJIL 2023-24 bag collection lookbook. To read the full screen click here.


Here are MUJIL handcrafted bags, winter 2023/2024 collections. We have totes, clutches, chain strap bags, and shoulder and crossbody bags available for you. Browse our collection to find your perfect handcrafted bag, and be sure to check back often for new styles and designs. We are constantly updating our collection with the latest trends and designs, while always staying true to our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and tradition. Enjoy to shop your new handbag to make your style unique with us, MUJIL handcrafted bags.

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