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We are a fashionable design-driven unique women’s handbags brand from traditional Thai textiles.

MUJIL is a Bangkok Thailand-based, vogue distinctive design handbags essential brand that explores ancient Thai fabric into a modern lifestyle.

With one extraordinary difference luxurious and fashionable of the MUJIL brand. We combine the finest leather with meticulously handcrafted woven Thai silk fabric. Furthermore, we work directly with a professional Belgium designer, Marc Lannoo, and the local artisan whose skills are passed down through generations to make MUJIL unique design handcrafted bags.


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The Journey of MUJIL

It takes time to find one position in a world that is unique and suitable for preference. Likewise, a climber moves places to find the best view, a photographer changes position to get the best shot, and even travelers always change their favorite destination to experience its excellent flavors.

So, as an ordinary woman who expertise in accounting, Gulyarat Vichai, with a passion for Thai silk drew to change into a fashion handbag designer. MUJIL starts from here! Recalling her love of Thai silk fabric craft, silky and sleek patterns of textile. She starts to move into the fashion designer’s way. Fortunately, she has occasioned to know a top runway fashion designer from Belgium, March Lannoo, who supports her extraordinary design.

MUJIL matches a perfect combination of Thai textiles which familiar brand elements, since it is a local fabric in our hometown, with genuine leather to create exclusive unique design handbags to show this Thai local heritage in modern fashion and urban lifestyle. Moreover advantage, our family has a long-time experience of more than 30 years of handcrafted silk woven and jewelry-customized designs. We not only continue but further expands the family’s specialists.

We spend most of our time and energy on good design to achieve high quality. Every single detail from material to technique is thought with obsessive attention. MUJIL merges traditional design and fashion, creating functional handbags made of luxurious and honest materials to improve people’s lives in small but important ways. We reflect the epitome of quality over quantity.

The video presents the Journey of MUJIL handcrafted bags from luxurious Thai silk fabric to unique design fashion handbags. Watch this video on YouTube.

“High-quality women’s handbags, using heritage techniques. Certainly, the quality is never an accident, but it is always the result of intelligent effort.”

– Gulyarat V.


The MUJIL refers to “My Unique Just Initiative Local” which was inspired by the founder’s story. A striving country woman far away from her hometown because moving to the big city for studying. And she becomes an urban smart woman. Although she is living in the capital city, by the way, she always muses about her faraway hometown and wishes to get the local culture closer to urban.

MUJIL was designed by the world around us conceptual to fit all lifestyles. Because there are many local cultures waiting for us to discover. MUJIL images a smart woman who stands out with confidence is dauntless, and charming in her luxurious sleek style with her own distinctiveness.

We intend to take this centuries-old normal traditional Thai weaving technique to a new lifestyle by integrating hand-woven materials with appropriate designs to create beautiful and stylish fashion MUJIL designer handbags for women. We blur the border between art and fashion by continuously collaborating with imaginative artists and designers to add exclusive particular elements to the design of each handbag. As our slogan that “Be Unique Be Yourself”

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Founder and Creative Director

MUJIL was founded by Gulyarat Vichai in order to honor the Thai heritage of local silk weaving while simultaneously creating a bag collection for a feminine style-setter who appreciates the luxury of traditional hand craftsmanship yet also desires a bold modern aesthetic.

After earning a master’s degree in Accounting, Gulyarat launched a successful career as a certified professional accountant in a leading state enterprise company in Thailand. Despite enjoying her career, she has always dreamed of leaving her footprint in the world of fashion.

With a passion for everything vintage, she fell in love with the sleek pattern of Thai silk fabric. She aims to advocate that cherished silk and update it for urban lifestyle bags for women with unique designs. Throughout history, native peoples have been crafting silk fabric from cocoon yarns. Gulyarat carries this time-honored practice into the novel city life, keeping a noble tradition.

In a world where mass production dominates and synthetic fibers flood the market, it’s time to honor the creativity of our ancestors. I have had opportunities to travel extensively throughout the country and have seen the beauty of Thai silk textile craftsmanship which is passed down through generations.

Thus, I decided to launch MUJIL to share Thai ancient culture with the modern world. I aimed to create a collection of timeless bags that married unique charm with modern life, durability with style, and luxury. MUJIL is my little style gift to the world for the 21st century, designed for smart women who looking for luxury, elegance, functionality, and well-being.


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Humility and Sustainability

Committed Journey of MUJIL, we consider sustainability to be a journey that requires patience and humility over the long term. The humility to positively impact society, and focus equally on what we have already accomplished and what has to be done.

By including everyone, a journey is made possible. A path that calls on each of us to reflect on all we do and how we do it in order to advance and continually get better. We are traveling in that direction. MUJIL designer handbags for women strive to create and share values added with Thai rural communities. The men and women we work with are the driving force behind everything we do and inspire us to advance continuously and spread our knowledge.

We made the unique handbags appropriate to the urban lifestyle habitat to show the world this superior and magnificent material, from local to the urban context, which will increase the awareness of the sustainability of Thai local heritage in the global atmosphere and expand career opportunities to the local artisans in the long run.

Not only preserve the local art available in the modern world living but we are also aimed to build a sustained society by supporting the local weaving community in a rural area, giving they a job, and running the local economy.

“We create clean and timeless design exclusive leather MUJIL designer handbags with practical usage. We believe in functionality as equal to aesthetics”

– Suthavee P. co-founder


MUJIL is a handcrafted bag brand originally from Bangkok, Thailand. Our special unique technique is handwoven textiles which makes us different. We combine a perfect beautiful pattern of Thai fabric with fine genuine leather. MUJIL designer handbags are high-quality material and are a neat process of handmade. We intend to serve our local art of textile in a modern lifestyle handbag for big urban city ladies who are smart confident and looking for something extraordinary dressy accessory to make their distinctive everyday looks.