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All collections of MUJIL handbags are inspired by the world around us concept so our handcrafted bags are closer to every lifestyle. The MUJIL bags were designed for a feminine style-setter who appreciates the luxury of traditional hand craftsmanship yet also desires a bold modern aesthetic.

Discover the inspiration for each collection. We believe that a handbag is not just a practical accessory, but a statement piece that can truly transform an outfit. Whether you are looking for a sophisticated work bag, a casual weekend tote, or a chic evening clutch, we have a handbag that will meet your needs. We’re proud to offer a range of handcrafted bags that are both beautiful and functional. So why wait? Browse our collection today and discover the perfect one for you.

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Mellow BagsMore

Imagine you are in the shopping center on weekend. Plentiful of people, but one eye-catching item is The Mellow bag which makes you dominant.

The Mellow bag was inspired by a crafted paper shopping bag, drawn toward modern design merged with fine leather and Thai textile. The Mellow represents the beautiful convergence of ordinary shopping bags and a new design unique aesthetically.

Plaza BagsMore

The Plaza bag is a go-to handbag for every occasion – stylish, laid-back, and versatile.
This Plaza collection was inspired by a classic crafted shopping bag likewise the Mellow bag. This model is an extension designed for the Mellow bag, but the Plaza is bigger in size. Moreover, its handle is large enough to wear on your arm.

Azalea BagsMore

Azalea is a flower symbolic of wealth elegance, alluring, and classic. The Azalea bag delivers serious chic to your days and evenings.

This model is a miniature handbag imbued with nostalgia, showcasing superb craftsmanship and luxurious materials. Vintage vibes meet a modern aesthetic, thanks to chic feminine details.

Magazine BagsMore

The Magazine bag executes both the intellectual and fashion-forward lifestyles of modern women.
Practical in use, the piece adds a classic touch to your elegant presence with a timeless design that reintroduced a perfect match of leather and Thai textile. It honors simplicity while staying loyal to the brand’s aesthetics.

Milli BagsMore

The Milli bag was inspired by joyful women who are energetic, friendly, and easygoing.
This model is like the Magazine bag but it is smaller. Roomy for essential items-keychain, phone, lipstick, credit card, and wallet. Whether going to the office, having a special dinner, traveling, or hanging out with your friends trust this companion will make you elegant.

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Each season of MUJIL handcrafted bag collections was designed by the world around us concept. The perfect combination between luxurious Thai silk and fine leather to create unique and high-quality unique handbags for women. We realize that a handbag is necessary that can tell its owner’s character, and reflect their everyday lifestyle. Trust, MUJIL handbags can make you distinctive and elegant looks.